Saturday, August 8, 2009


I've purchased a 10kw, three cylinder, diesel powered generator for the boat. The generator will be cooled by sea water using a closed cooling system with a single pass cooler. The exhaust from the generator will be injected with this cooling water to lower the temperature, then that mix will be pumped overboard via piping and through a water lift muffler. The generator will reside in the engine room.

I think 10 kw is to big of a generator for this sized boat but I got such a good deal on it I had to make the purchase. I'm going to have a washer and dryer so the extra amperage will come in handy for powering the dryer as this device will by 230 volt ( unless I go with one of the expensive 120 volt "marine" dryers). The boat will have two air conditioner units and these units also tend to be large consumers of power.

I'm installing a hydraulic system for the boat and the person who has been giving me pointers on the system design ( that would be Jim at Key Power) has recommended I install a hydraulic powered generator along with my stand alone generator. I think this is a good idea and I'm planning on doing it. Since the main engine will be powering the hydraulic system, taking advantage of the relatively free power and not having to run the stand alone gen-set will lower fuel consumption. I also intend on installing an inverter to power the fridge and a few AC circuits while we're at anchor so we don't have to listen to the generator. The engine room is going to be heavily insulated so I'm debating if I should fabricate a sound shield for the generator. My thinking is that I'll probably install the sound shield to ensure a quiet boat. I intend to get into a little more detail on AC and DC power and how things are going to work on the boat, but for now I'm posting the basics.


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