Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest cabin dressing room update

The six cabinet doors are finished and I have two coats of Urethane on all the wood in the guest cabin dressing room. I also have the sink base top completed, but it's not installed yet as I changed my mind on the sink. I had purchased a square stainless steel sink for this room, but because the top is an odd shape, I could not get the sink installed in such a way that it looked aesthetically pleasing. A square sink on a trapezoid top just doesn't look right, so I decided to sell the square sink, and buy a round sink. I'm still waiting on the round sink to arrive, then I'll finish the sink base install.

I had enough 1/4" Cherry plywood to use for the doors, so I decide to use a flat panel vs a raised panel for these six doors. I used the same style and rail method of door building as the master cabin. Using the flat panels shaved quite a few hours off of the door construction while helping preserve my stock of air dried lumber.

This room, along with the master cabin, are as finished as they are going to get for right now. Once I've got the boat at the launch site, I'll give all the wood one more coat of Urethane. I've still got quite a bit of work to do and it makes no sense to me to spend my time putting any more urethane on the wood as it's going to get banged up. There's enough protection on everything to get it through the rest of the build.

I'm going to start on the kids cabins sometime next week. I'm feeling confident that I'll get all the cabin wood work finished this Spring.