Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Window package

The window package showed up a few weeks ago and today I finally got around to picking it up from JCM Equipment. JCM Equip. is a the mechanic shop that works on my equipment and from time to time, they will off load a big delivery for me and store it. A testament to how busy I've been with work is that I had to wait three weeks to find the time to pick up the window package.

I had the windows built by Motion Windows ( ). I first did business with Jeff Kemp from Motion Windows about ten years ago when I restored a Carver cruising boat. Those windows gave me zero problems over the ten years I owned them. The main reason the Carver boat sold as quickly as it did in this depressed market was because of the windows.

I didn't unpack the whole window package but I did pull a few out to inspect. I'm very happy with what I saw in my window package. I went with radius corners for the windows. There is no sign of the tooling required to shape the metal of the window frames. All the bends are perfectly executed with zero sign of a kink or faulty bend. The gaskets are as tight as a bull's ass and are flawless with no marring. All the reveals on the window are perfect. The powder coating is flawless. I'm totally pleased.

The sliding tinted window you see in this picture is one of eight that will reside in the salon.

I went with clear windows for the four windows on the front of the wheel house. The two windows in the center front of the wheel house are fixed. The two other windows on either side of the fixed wheelhouse windows are hinged up and this is one of them.

The small tinted fixed window if for the port and starboard side of the wheel house @ the back of the wheel house.

There are nine windows in the wheel house and eight windows in the salon.

I re packed the windows in the crate they arrived in, screwed the lid back down and moved them to the back of the shop. I won't be ready to install the windows until next Spring. I'll blog more about the window package once they are installed and we can see them in more detail


  1. Hey Conall, I truly envy you! Boating was my favorite hobby until an unfortunate accident kept me from sailing. Now I live it through insightful blogs such as yours. Thanks!