Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Looks like a boat

I had stopped by the boat yard on our way to a job yesterday and found the crew blocking her up. Gregg, the yard foreman asked me if I had time today to lift the super structure? So, lets see, work on the boat project, or go to a job site??? Anyway, we were back at the boat yard in about 90 minutes after unloading the service truck, andloading up the welder, some chains, and a spreader bar.

The yard  had some issue with the crane, and we decided to put another pass on the lifting rings that were welded to the cabin top. Once we had the crane in the right position and had the chains rigged to lift level, the lift went quick. We re lifted it a inch or so to push the structure closer to the lines, then unhooked her and cut the crane crew loose. What was left of the afternoon was spent moving tools on board, and eyeballing what was going to be required to pull the structure around to fit on the lines. Things are close to fitting, but need some tweaking.

In  terms of my building this boat, this is probably the most rewarding day of the project. It finally looks like a boat, and while I'm guilty of being biased, I think she's a fine looking vessel.

Paying work is going to have to wait another day as I'm headed down to the boat yard to finish fitting the structure. I doubt we'll get all the welding done today, but we'll be close. If all goes well, I should have the windows installed and have her protected against the weather by the weeks end.



  1. I can NOT believe that they blocked your keel with cement blocks. I have seen those things break when used that way.

    Up here around Toledo,Ohio they use solid wood blocks.

    Bill Kelleher

  2. I'll have to take a closer look at that Bill and talk to the yard. I'm agreeing with you. Thanks