Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting closer

I'm getting a little closer... with finishing the paint that is.

The  roof is now painted and is all white and shiny. Too  shiny if you ask me, and I know for a fact that it's going to be dangerously slippery once it's outside and able to get wet. I've always had a plan on doing a non slip  coating,  and I still do plan that treatment, but I'm going to wait until next year prior to launch. I know I'm going to do some damage to the roof paint during the finishing, so I'll repair those spots as I go and once she's in a punch out state of being, I'll final coat with non skid.

The roof was a pretty straight forward job: blast any rust spots and all grinder marks and welds to white metal, blast the whole surface to roughen, then two coats of epoxy primer, followed with three coats of Acrylic Urethane top coat. In order to make painting the super structure sides a bit easier, I painted under the soffit, and the side trim on the wheel house and salon. By painting down the super structure sides this small amount, I have a good spot to tape the roof off from and will have no visible parting line.

It's Saturday morning as I sit and type this update, and the super structure roof is taped off and covered with poly sheathing and tarps. I'm getting ready to start the body work on the wheel house and I should have it ready to final blast sometime today or tomorrow. Taping and protecting the roof from the dust, grit and over spray from the final stage of work took me about two hours, but it's done and off of the list. The next time I see the roof, all the painting will be finished, I'll be happy, and I'll be doing work directly related to getting her out of the barn.



  1. Looks great Conall - and I'm so looking forward to see how you move all the big pieces to the assemble site - you'll need video for that one!

  2. Norm,

    I have a long list of friends who want to make up the "peanut gallery" and watch me take her down my driveway.I'm going to keep the audience to a few who work with me in the excavating industry. If you saw my driveway, you'd understand. A 30% grade with gravel as the paving should make for an interesting trip down the drive with my sans a brake, home made dolly. Video... not wanting to make it to one of those funniest home video shows, but I should probably take some anyway. The plan is to use my 40,000 lbs excavator chained to the dolly to hold things back. Thanks for checking up on me. When are you going to write past "Sept 1" on your blog?

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