Saturday, November 29, 2014


This post is really not boat building related  unless one considers that I  heat our shop with a wood boiler.

For years now, I've been splitting my wood the old fashioned way. I saw it, and the kids get paid to split it. In a typical year, we burn about five cords of wood. Because of the work I do, I usually get paid to haul it off someones site, so we usually have an ample supply of 12' long logs.

A friend of mine acquired this wood processor that operates from a skid steer loader, and offered to rent it to me for a weekend. This year, we purchased a new Kubota SV90 compact track loader, which was just the right sized machine to operate this heavy duty attachment.  As you can see, this wood processor, picks the log up, saws it, then splits it through a six way wedge. After a small learning curve, I had the machine dialed in and in five  hours of working  it, I processed about six cords of wood. It should probably be mentioned that I didn't really break a sweat or strained by back.

We already have most of our wood for this year split and ready to go so this recent bit of work is for next season, or it will allow me to crank the  heat up in the shop. Either way, I got a huge monkey off my back quickly and for next to nothing in cash laid out.



  1. Conall, Been following but haven't posted in a while. So glad you were able to get the boat in the water and get some time behind the wheel !

    Your killing me here... I need my fix of updated boat projects !

    Have a great holiday !

    John from Maryland

  2. Thanks John,

    I've been working on the house getting a long overdue list taken care of. Boat work will resume after the first of the year...hopefully by mid January.