Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rub rails

Being an excavating contractor I occasionally get some request to do some work for not for profits at a reduced fee on my part. My kids play soccer and the soccer association is always on the hunt to get much needed work done as reasonable as possible. The person who runs our local soccer association came to me one day down at the field and asked if I could give her a hand removing the old goal posts as they had just bought new, portable goals. Examining one of the goals I soon realized that they were made of 4" sch. 40 stainless steel. The goals were planted in the 5' in the ground, had elbows welded for connecting the upright, and measured 30' long x 10' tall. One field had these stainless steel treasures, and the other fields had mild steel posts. I told Barb ( the soccer lady) I'd take care of this little task for her @ no charge.

The sch. 40 4" stainless turned out to be grade 316l and I intended to use them for my rub rail and swim platform. Laying a 30 piece of the 4" on the shop floor I scribed a line parallel to the floor, rolled the piece over and scribed another line exactly 1/2 the diameter. I set the pieces up on less than adequate saw horses and began ripping the pipe in half with my plazma cutter. It took me about 1/2 of an hour to rip each length and another 15 minutes per section to grind the cuts.

After scribing lines on the hull for the lower and upper rub rail ( I began with installing the upper rub rail first) I cut a jig out of 1/4" plate to hold the pipe in place and another jig to use for driving wedges between the pipe and the jig to force the pipe against the hull. I terminated the upper rub rail on the aft section by ripping a 90 in half, and ripped a long taper on the front forward termination point.

The lower rub rail runs parallel to the water and the upper rub rail follows the shape of the cabin line. I cant find any pictures of constructing the rub rail so these pictures of the primed and faired hull are all I have.


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